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The Q&A WordPress Forum plugin that helps you build your own Q&A Platform, customer service or feedback center, or a central knowledge base.
- Ask questions, or post questions as an admin
- Comment on questions - and get accepted as the answer
- Modify official answers as an admin
- Upvotes and downvotes

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Easy to Use!

The Q&A WordPress Forum plugin is an intuitive and straightforward to use WordPress Plugin. Create a question and answer forum for your website within seconds.

Integrated Search and Filtering System

Your site visitors can search the forum with our handy integrated search feature. Navigate through the forum by using keywords to find similar questions. With the QAForum plugin, you can also add some custom categories to help people find and filter the topics that interest them.

Create Accepted Answers

After a question has been successfully answered, the question poster or a site administrator can mark an accepted answer to help other visitors with the same question.

Upvote and Downvote Responses

Its easier for site visitors to find good responses with upvoting and downvoting on the QAForum plugin. Good answers are rewarded while unhelpful responses can be downvoted to help advise other people. In addition to site administrators, other forum visitors can use their knowledge to help the responses rank in order.

Complete Backend Management Controls

Monitor and answer every forum question from the QAForum Management page. Edit, delete and reply to the forum questions as you see fit. You can even publish your own questions if you like!

Take Control of the Public Access Settings

The QAForum WordPress plugin gives you complete control over the forum features and access settings. You choose the level of access for visitors to suit your site requirements.

Usage Examples